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Broken Teeth

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Our teeth are one of the strongest parts of our bodies, but even they have their limitations. At Salt Lake Family Dental, we try to do everything in our power to help you maintain a healthy smile. However, the unfortunate can still happen. We are prepared to help you with all dental emergencies, but especially with broken teeth. A broken tooth can create a lot of immediate pain, and knowing how to respond in each situation could make the difference in restoring your natural smile or not. Whether you fall, get hit, or bite something hard, our Murray, Utah, office is here to help you in all situations. 


First Response:


When you first realize that you have broken a tooth, try to locate the piece that has been broken off. If possible, place the broken piece back into your mouth and use gauze or a cloth to bite down and hold it in place. If you are unable to place the piece back into your mouth, keep the tooth moist. This is best done by putting it in milk or warm saltwater. 


You should take some pain medication, acetaminophen or ibuprofen, to help ease the sensitivity. If the broken tooth is pointy or sharp, use some wax or sugarless gum on top of it to prevent any tearing in your mouth. If you are experiencing any bleeding, apply pressure with a rag. Use a cold compress to reduce any swelling or inflammation. Call our office and come in as soon as you can.


In the Office:


Once you arrive at our office, we will have you back with the dentist immediately. The dentist will examine the break and the broken pieces and quickly determine the best restoration route. Our hygienists will do what is possible to help ease your pain and make you feel more comfortable. Everyone has a different situation, but generally, it is possible to restore the original tooth. If this is not the case, there are several dental restoration procedures available to you. Some of these include dental bonding (the most common), dental crowns, bridges, and veneers. Each of these procedures will give you a natural-looking smile once again. 


Here at Salt Lake Family Dental, we have been professionally trained on how to handle dental emergencies. Broken teeth are one of the more common emergencies that we help treat. If you break a tooth, please do not hesitate to call us and come into our Murray, Utah, dental office. We will have you in our office as soon as possible to get you relief from the pain and on the road to restoration. We value your smile just as much as you do, and we want you to know that you are in safe hands!