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General and Family Dentistry

general and family dentistry salt lake family dentistry dentist in murray ut


Here at Salt Lake Family Dental and Cosmetics, our top priority is to help each patient receive their best smile. It doesn’t matter your age; our services can benefit you whether you are young and small or grown and mature. We know that you put a lot of time and money into creating a smile that gives you confidence, and we want to help you preserve your efforts for as long as possible. At our dental office in Murray, Utah, we offer general dentistry to all members of your family. We recommend a bi-annual visit to the dentist to help take care of your teeth, and this goes for the entire family. We invite you to continue reading to learn more about the general dental procedures we offer and how they can benefit your whole family. 


Exams and X-Rays: One of the most important aspects of a bi-yearly visit are the exams and x-rays. This allows us to detect any potential problems and resolve them as quickly as possible. The exams are brief and painless. Our hygienists have the highest qualifications and can perform these exams for each patient. These exams and x-rays help us know how to maintain healthy teeth and avoid disease and decay for adults. For young kids and teenagers, these exams help them develop good oral hygiene habits and help their adult teeth come in correctly and be healthy. 


Dental Cleanings: Following x-rays and exams, we will professionally clean your teeth. While we encourage you to practice proper and thorough cleaning at home, we know that it can sometimes be challenging to reach the back molars, especially for younger kids. We offer deep cleanings that effectively remove all plaque and tartar, helping you avoid cavities and periodontal disease. We provide cleanings for young kids and adults; as baby teeth have different anatomy and structure than adult teeth, they need to be treated differently. We are prepared to provide services to your whole family. 


Fluoride: After each cleaning, we offer fluoride. Fluoride treatment is entirely optional, but we highly recommend it. Fluoride is a sticky substance that we paint onto the surface of your teeth to strengthen the enamel of your teeth. It will help your teeth be more resistant to bacteria, resulting in fewer cavities over time. Fluoride is beneficial for all! 


Sealants: Sealants are a liquid resin (later hardened) that we apply to the crowns of teeth. Sealants are one of the best ways to prevent cavities. This is why we highly recommend them for younger kids; however, anyone can get sealants. For kids, sealants help prevent cavities while still developing good oral hygiene habits. Limiting the number of cavities they have with their baby teeth will strengthen their adult teeth. 


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Salt Lake Family Dental and Cosmetics is a family dental practice. We want you to bring your entire family to our practice! We are conveniently located in Murray, Utah, to make your dental experience easier. We can see the whole family in one day to save you time. Everyone can benefit from our family dental practice and general dentistry services. If you have a member of your family that you know is more nervous about dental visits, please let us know how we can better accommodate them. We are so excited to have you here in our office!

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