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Emergency Dentist located in Murray, Utah

Emergency Dentist located in Murray, Utah salt lake family dental

If you need immediate medical attention, please call 911. 

Just like all other emergencies, dental emergencies can be scary and involve a significant amount of pain for those involved. Although they might be rare, severe dental emergencies do happen and we want all the residents of Murray to know that at Salt Lake Family Dental, we are here to help! 

When it comes to a dental emergency, there are different types that either need immediate attention or can wait to be taken care of at the next available appointment. We believe that anything that is hurting your teeth is a dental emergency, but some need more immediate attention than others.


Immediate Emergencies

Below are a few dental emergencies that we would consider a severe or major emergency that would require immediate attention from an emergency dentist. 

Broken Tooth: Although our teeth are strong, there is a possibility that they can suffer from a major break due to trauma to the mouth. Breaking a tooth in half, or at the root is very painful and would need immediate attention. We urge you to call us. 

In the event of this happening to you, if you can, locate the broken portion of your tooth and bring it with you while coming into our office. 

Knocked-Out Tooth: It takes a lot of force to knock a tooth out of its socket, but it does and can happen to just about anyone. When a tooth is knocked out, there will be a lot of pain and blood. Please call us as soon as possible for instructions on what to do in your specific situation and to come into the office.

Other Emergencies

We want to help our patients with all dental needs they have and get them out of pain as quickly as possible. All dental emergencies are important to us because they can cause serious and permanent damage to our teeth. Other emergencies we would recommend seeing us for are: 

  • Chipped or cracked tooth 
  • Constant swelling and bleeding of gums 
  • Toothache 
  • Constant pain in any area of your mouth 
  • Loose adult teeth 


Emergency Dentist located in Murray, Utah

Our dental team at Salt Lake Family Dental is equipped and trained to handle a dental emergency calmly and professionally. We don’t like to take risks when it comes to your teeth, so if you believe you are having a dental emergency, please contact our emergency dentist here in Murray, Utah.