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With Salt Lake Family Dental being a family dental practice, we have made it our mission to provide all dental services your family may need, regardless of age. One major dental service that is needed among teenagers and even adults in Murray, Utah is orthodontic work. 

Orthodontics is a dental specialty that deals with the diagnosis and correction of bite patterns and crooked teeth. In our office, Dr. Zurcher along with his father Dr. Bill Zurcher, are highly trained and practiced in comprehensive orthodontics and can help anyone with their smile! We offer two forms of orthodontic care such as Traditional Braces and Clear Aligners in all stages.

Orthodontic Stages

Overall, there are three general stages you will go through while receiving orthodontic care.

Stage 1: The Planning Stage 

In this stage, you work closely with the orthodontist so they can develop an exact plan of treatment and a diagnosis. Throughout your first visits, you will undergo a dental evaluation, have several x-rays and photos taken of your teeth and surrounding anatomy.  Molds and impressions of your teeth will also be taken.

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Stage 2: The Active Stage 

With the photos, molds, and dental evaluation, the orthodontist will develop a custom-made treatment plan. Your needed orthodontic appliances will be placed, monitored and changed when needed for your specific treatment timeline. 


Stage 3: The Retention Stage 

After your teeth and jaws have been moved into position, the appliance will be removed and a retainer will be made to ensure teeth don’t start shifting to their pre-orthodontic stage. 


Traditional Metal Braces 

Metal braces consist of many metal orthodontic pieces coming together to shape your smile into something new and improved. The two main parts of the braces are the metal brackets and the archwires. The metal brackets are bonded to each tooth with an archwire going through each bracket, connecting them. Over time the archwire will be tightened to help shift teeth into position. 

Most teenagers are seen using metal braces, but it has become popular among adults due to it’s effectiveness and cost. 


Clear Aligners 

A less visible way to a straighter smile is through clear aligners. Once going through the first stage of orthodontics with our Dr., if clear aligners are for you, custom-made sets of clear retainers will be made. Each set of aligners are made to continuously push your teeth into the position that is desired by the orthodontist. 

The sets of aligners will be switched out due to the recommendation of the orthodontist. Clear aligners are to be worn for at least 22 hours out of the day only being removed to eat and perform oral hygiene. 


Come Learn More 

Each one of the orthodontic choices we provide at Salt Lake Family Dental has benefited our patients' smiles. If you are in Murray, Utah, and have been wanting to learn more about how you can receive orthodontic care, please give us a call to schedule your consultation.