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Toothache Relief in Salt Lake City

Toothache Relief in Salt Lake City

Having a toothache can be an overwhelming experience. Not only is having a toothache uncomfortable, but many patients worry about their tooth’s health and viability. We offer toothache relief at Salt Lake Family Dental in Salt Lake City, Utah. 


What Causes a Toothache?

There are several different potential causes of toothaches. Many patients experience a toothache from debris stuck between their teeth. Another common cause of a toothache is dental decay or an infection that has reached the tooth’s inner layers. Patients that have cracks or breaks in their teeth may also experience a toothache. At Salt Lake Family Dental, we provide toothache relief in Salt Lake City for these conditions and many more. 


Why do Toothaches Happen?

Teeth have three main layers, the outside layer (enamel), the middle layer (dentin), and the inner layer (the pulp). The outside and middle layers protect the teeth from outside forces, while the inner layer contains blood vessels and nerves. If dental decay eats away at the outside and middle layer, the inner layer can become exposed, therefore exposing the nerves and blood vessels to outside elements like bacteria. The exposure of nerves is one reason why many patients have pain while eating cold and hot foods because a sudden temperature change irritates the tooth’s inner nerves. Additionally, this is how a toothache from dental decay or a crack can become an infected tooth. A pathway forms from the outside of the tooth to the inner blood vessels. Bacteria enter the inner part of the tooth and infect the blood vessels, therefore putting the entire tooth at risk for damage. 


How Can My Dentist Provide Toothache Relief in Salt Lake City?

The way your dentist provides toothache relief in Salt Lake City is different depending on the cause of the toothache. If you have a toothache caused by dental decay, your dentist may recommend removing the decay and repairing the tooth with a dental filling or crown. We can also restore a broken or cracked tooth with a dental filling or crown. If your tooth has an infection, the restoration depends on the extent of the condition. Some infections can cause abscesses, which are fluid-filled sacs on the gums surrounding the tooth that can be painful. Other infections damage the tooth’s ability to provide blood flow to essential structures. In this case, the tooth may die, and your dentist may recommend a root canal. 


Toothache Relief for Dental Decay

Patients who suffer from toothaches caused by dental decay can benefit from a dental filling or a crown. This benefit depends on how much the tooth is affected by the decay. First, we will remove the decay. The removal will create a cavity in your tooth, which will then either be filled with composite resin or covered with a dental crown. Composite resin is also called a tooth-colored filling that molds your tooth and hardens with heat. Many people refer to a dental crown as a cap. They call it a cap because it sits on top of the tooth, which we bond in place. 


Toothache Relief for Infections

It is essential to go to your dentist for toothache relief in Salt Lake City right away because an infection could cause the toothache. If we don’t treat an infection right away, it can damage your oral health and put your overall health at risk. Tooth infections can use the bloodstream to travel around the body and potentially cause endocarditis, a severe heart condition. Toothache relief may be treated with antibiotics, draining a potential abscess, and removing infected parts of the tooth. 

Toothaches can be serious, so it is vital to seek toothache relief in Salt Lake City right away. For more information about toothache relief or to schedule an appointment, call our office.